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About our barbecue rack

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Barbecue rack is also called a barbecue net. A barbecue net is a necessary for you when you hold a party in your house or go out to have a picnic. It will make your cook more convenient and help you to cook delicious food.


Our company WUZHOUKINGDA can produce many kinds of barbecue rack. The barbecue racks made by us have high quality. They are made of stainless steel 304 or stainless steel 316, which will not rust and make the barbecues have a long service life. And the materials can be corrosion-resistance and heat-resistance. About the surface of the barbecue rack, we use polishing and this can show a bright appearance, and it will be easy to clean.


There are barbecue nets with handles, barbecue net without handles and round barbecue and square barbecue net. And if you need, we can make barbecue nets’ handles can be folded. The handles can protect you from hurt. We can also produce barbecue net according to your demands, such as the shapes: round, square or others. There are also barbecue net in fish shape. You can put the fish in the barbecue and then close the cover net in case that the fish could slide down the net.


There are many kinds of barbecue racks in our company WUZHOUKINGDA. Welcome consult!