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About our file baskets

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The file basket is a storage used to store files and keep papers, some instruments and other desktop items organized with a wire mesh file basket. Maximizing desk space and keeping important items handy is important in a busy work environment. Our different file baskets can enhance desktop collections and help make each day run more smoothly.

The file baskets can provide on-desk access to paper for quick note taking or brainstorming. They can also be used to create a clearly defined workflow of the work coming into and going out of an office. Check what paper size your office most frequently uses and find the right size paper tray or file organizer to provide a place for paperwork. Then if you still have no idea, welcome WUZHOUKINGDA, there are a lot of range file baskets can be chosen. And we will help you select the most suitable one for you.

Space saving

Desk file baskets can come in various shapes and sizes, and our selection of desktop baskets and trays are designed to accommodate. A long, horizontal file organizer can add storage on top of horizontal file baskets, while tall, vertical organizers help save space on a small desk and keep documents nearby. Stacking file trays and baskets let you combine trays together and utilize every bit of storage as needed.


When efficiency is paramount, a desktop file baskets or trays with multiple types of storage helps keep office essentials together and ready to use. Look for organizers that hold both documents and writing instruments for a job that entails frequent note taking. A file baskets and trays with both vertical and horizontal storage can help delineate between active projects and documents that can be accessed at a later time.