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About our food container

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Food is essential things for the human beings. Usually, there are so many foods everywhere in your home. Sometimes the many foods will make your home look in a mess. At this time, a food container is necessary for you. We, WUZHOUKINGDA can produce perforated food basket, wire mesh food basket and wire mesh food tray.


The perforated food basket is mainly made by perforating on the stainless steel plate. The number of the hole is stand for the opening. We can produce the perforated food basket as the opening you want. The perforated food basket has two handles like ears on the both sides so that you can take it easily.


The material of the wire mesh food basket is stainless steel wire mesh. When you use it to storage the foods, it has good permeability and can keep your food in a good condition. There are several wider wires on the flank of the wire mesh basket. The wires can make the basket have a firm structure and increase its holding capacity.


The wire mesh food tray is also made of stainless steel wire mesh, which will not easy to get rust and corrosion. The handles of the wire mesh food tray can support the tray hanging over the sink. This will promise that the food in the tray keep clean and washed easily.


There are many stainless steel food containers in our company WUZHOUKINGDA. We can produce according to your requirements. Welcome consult!