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About vintage wire baskets

About vintage wire baskets

Our wire constructed, powder coating finish, hand-held shopping baskets are another popular type of basket.  They are strong and the molded  handle makes them easy to hold.  These  shopping baskets can be strategically placed throughout your store for customer enjoyment.

Shopping baskets are more than just handy items found in markets and retail stores. Usually placed by the entrance, a stack of uniformed shopping baskets allow customers convenience and functionality, but they can also offer business owners valuable insight.

Stylish and practical, these Vintage Storage Baskets are ideal for storing anything from towels to magazines or toys.

Handcrafted by artisans. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Coated iron wire makes them durable and rust-proof. As with all handmade items, slight colour variations may occur.

If you are interested in more vintage shopping baskets, welcome WUZHOUKINGDA, there are so many kinds of wire baskets for your choosing.