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BBQ Grill

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There may be some "BBQ bandits" on the loose in Manasquan, as borough police this week reported a second theft this month of a barbecue grill from a resident's backyard.

In what now seems like a possible developing trend, two barbecue grills this month, and possibly in as many days, have been stolen from backyards while residents weren't home, Police Chief Elliott Correia said.
A First Avenue resident, after returning from a long trip, that their Weber gas grill was missing from the home's backyard after, Correia said.
Police who investigated the report discovered that a neighbor noticed the grill was no longer in the resident's backyard -- one day before a Whiting Avenue resident reported that a Weber gas grill was missing from the back porch. Patrolman Michael Tischio investigated the First Avenue theft.
Both homes are located in the beach area of town, and Correia said investigators suspect the same culprits may have carried out both thefts.
The First Avenue resident left the home and returned last week to discover that the gray Weber grill, with a Coors logo on the front and a black cover, was gone.
Nobody apparently witnessed the theft, but neighbors of the Whiting Avenue home reported two weeks ago that the suspects, two white males, parked a red Ford Expedition in front of the home and loaded the grill into their SUV, Correia said.
One was described as wearing a white shirt with a hardware company name on the back, while the other apparently was dressed in a blue polo shirt, Correia said.