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Best Way to Wash Window Screens

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Traditionally spring cleaning means deep cleaning, where rooms are aired out, curtains are laundered and window screens are removed and cleaned. With the arrival of warmer weather, many people take the opportunity to use the outdoors for cleaning chores. One of these chores best done outside is washing window screens. 



1 Vacuum both sides of each security window screen with the hose attachment. If an electrical outlet is convenient, leave the screens in the windows to do this, as it will make the task easier.


2 Number the screens and windows with corresponding numbers to make it easier to match the screen to the window when the screens are returned to the windows after cleaning.


3 Remove the screens and line them up along an outside wall or fence. Choose an area that won't be adversely affected from the water generated from the cleaning.


4 Rinse both sides of each window mesh screen thoroughly with water from a hose to loosen or remove surface dirt.


5 Scrub both sides of each screen using the nylon brush and soapy warm water.


6 Rinse the suds off with hose water and dry the screens with old towels.


Tips & Warnings

Window mesh screens can be washed inside in the bathtub, with a handheld shower head substituting for the hose.


Do not be too vigorous in scrubbing, or you could damage the screens. Do not power wash window screens.


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