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Choose the Best Wire Mesh for Fencing

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For home and garden applications, wire mesh for fencing can be exceptionally versatile and inexpensive. Choosing the best type of wire mesh for fencing will require you to figure out how you intend to use it, where it will be placed, and how much money you are aiming to spend on the fencing project. Wire mesh can come in a wide variety of thicknesses, known as gauges, as well as various designs and materials. Steel and aluminum are the two most common materials used to make wire mesh, and each has advantages and disadvantages.


Steel wire mesh will be exceptionally durable, and if it is stainless steel or galvanized steel, it will be quite resistant to water damage. Steel wire mesh for fencing can be heavy, however, and if it is not galvanized or stainless, it can be more susceptible to rusting and corrosion. Aluminum wire mesh for fencing is much lighter and in some cases less expensive, but it will also be less durable than steel wire. It is also possible to buy plastic wire mesh, which is useful for outdoor applications that are light-duty or medium-duty.

Perhaps the best option for outdoor applications is stainless steel wire mesh for fencing that has a PVC coating. This type of fencing will combine the strength of steel with the water resistance and protection of a plastic PVC coating. The coating can also improve the aesthetic of the fencing, which is important if the wire mesh for fencing will be used in a garden space or other area in which passers-by might see the fencing regularly. Some types of plastic coatings can fade after prolonged exposure to sunlight, however, so it is important to keep this in mind when choosing the best wire for you.


The thickness of the wire mesh for fencing will have a significant impact on its usability for your purposes. Thicker gauge wires are generally able to hold more weight, and they will also hold their shape much more effectively. Thinner wire tends to be less visible, more easily bendable, and generally simple to install, but it may not be able to handle significant loads. Some thinner types of wire are designed to be cut easily, while thicker mesh may not be designed to be cut easily or at all. If security is your primary concern, a thicker gauge mesh or even barbed wire mesh may be the best choice.