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Clean Security Doors

Durable and available in a variety of sizes, security doors offer protection from burglars while still allowing sunlight through your home's doorways. The doors contain metal, glass and plastic components. The doors also contain rubber weatherstripping that keeps air and moisture from entering your home. Security doors, like other exterior doors, are not resistant to dust, dirt and grime buildup. The doors require regular cleaning with a solution that will remove grime without destroying the door's components.




Open the security door mesh screen and prop it open by moving the metal slider present on the door's spring assembly at the top, middle or bottom of the door away from the door's frame. If your security door doesn't contain a spring assembly, use a large rock or other object to prop open the door.



Wipe both sides of the security door with a soft rag or shop towel to remove any loose dust and dirt. Wear latex gloves to keep your hands clean.



Spray the door's metal components, including door knob, deadbolt lock and other parts, with a multipurpose general cleaner and wipe the surfaces clean with the soft rag or towel. Fold the rag or towel in half, reapply cleaner and continue to clean the door until it is clean.



Spray the door's glass panels with glass cleaner and wipe the panels with paper towels. If the door contains one or more screens covering one side of the glass panels, use a flathead screwdriver to gently lift the screens out of the panels' tracks then spray and clean the glass. Spray both sides of the screens with water from a water hose then let the screens dry in sunlight before reinstalling over the glass panels.



Use a vacuum cleaner with a crevice attachment to remove any dust and dirt from the door's bottom threshold, rubber weatherstripping and side door frames. Spray the door's frame, weatherstripping and threshold with the multipurpose general cleaner then wipe the surfaces with a clean soft rag or towel.



Wipe the door's metal components, including frame and weatherstripping, again with a clean, soft rag or towel to polish the door's finish. Apply silicone lubricant, available at hardware and home improvement stores, to the door's hinges before closing the door.