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Clean Wire Mesh Oil Filter Elements

In the past, oil filters were meant to be thrown away and replaced at certain points based on time or mileage on your vehicle. Now, many cars are equipped with reusable filters made from metal wire mesh. These filters are better for the environment because they can be removed and cleaned. This means less automotive trash clogging landfills. Many people choose to have their filters cleaned by a professional. If you want to do it yourself, be sure that you are well-prepared. 

Raise the vehicle using a floor jack and jack stands. Make sure that the vehicle is high enough that you can easily access the oil filter. Position an oil drain pan directly under the area of the filter; small amounts of oil can become trapped and leak once the filter is released.

Turn the locking bolt of the filter counterclockwise to loosen it. Remove it the rest of the way with a multi-purpose threadless wrench. Pull the filter away from the undercarriage of the vehicle.

Open the access area of the main filter and slide out the wire cloth filter liner. Place the pieces separately in the automobile parts washer and turn it on low. Rinse the pieces with new, unused brake cleaner if you do not have an automobile parts washer.

Spread out dry, clean rags on a flat surface. Lay the pieces out on the rags and let them air-dry thoroughly. Insert the wire cloth filter liner back into the main filter case and close the access door of the case snugly.

Insert the whole filter back into place. Screw the lock bolt clockwise, first by hand and then using the threadless wrench. Lower the vehicle to the ground and remove the jack and jack stands; dispose properly of any used oil.