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Clear Razor Wire

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Razor wire is similar to barbed wire with small metal razor spikes attached along its length. Razor wire is used as a fencing material especially for security purposes and may be installed rolled or straight.


A typical fence contains two or more rows of razor wire, wrapped tightly around wooden fencing and held in line with T-posts. Clearing or getting rid of a razor wire fence can be tricky due to the sharp razor spikes. For safe removal, use proper technique and equipment


Put on thick leather working gloves to protect your skin and hands. Gloves with reinforced palms are ideal to help protect your hands when you grasp the wire.


Wear a jacket and pants made from thick and durable material. Keep in mind that you might get tears in your clothing so wear garments you don't mind getting a little scruffy.


Start by clearing out the uppermost wire of the fence. Cut the wire with wire cutters into 1-to-2-foot sections. Place each section into a cardboard box big enough to fit the pieces lengthwise. If you are clearing out razor wire that is rolled rather than a straight line in a fence, you may need to cut the wire into smaller sections to safely and easily stack it into the box.


Continue cutting the remaining wires of the fence until you have cleared the entire fence.


Remove the razor wire wrapped around the fence posts last by cutting it with the wire cutters into small sections of a few inches each.


Put on thick leather working gloves to protect your skin and hands. Also wear a jacket and pants made from thick and durable material to protect your arms and legs from possible cuts. Keep in mind that you may get tears in your clothing.


Cut the uppermost wire with wire cutters next to the fence post. Slowly wrap the end a few times around a 2-foot-long round block of wood or small log. Ideally, the wood block should be about 1-inch thick.


Roll the wire around the wood block, once the end is tightened around the block. You will need several wood blocks, depending on the length of the razor wire you need to clear.


Place each wood block with wire around it in a cardboard box for safe removal.