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Five Types of Concertina Wires

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Concertina wire (coil) is made by stainless steel sheets and galvanized high tensile claps. It has a beautiful crossing outlook and it is suitable for uses after extending, making an ideal security fencing with great anti-climb and anti-cutting property.


There are mainly 5 kinds of concertina wires


Single Coil Razor Wire Concertina: Hot dipped galvanized steel plate and strip processed razor wire coils. No clips required for this type.


Large Coils Crossed Concertina Wire: Crossed spirals of razor wire clipped together to make better security fencing than the single coils razor tape lines.


Y Post Supported Concertina Wire Fences: Concertina wire mounted on top of Y fence post to make an obstacle barriers.


Electrified Concertina Wire: Also called electrified safety fence: Used with electric power to achieve an enhanced level of security. No apparent difference from outlook. A copper wire is placed within the core wire of the razor blade. At the same time the concertina wire frightens and stops the intruders, it will also give alarms when there is theft, cutting or breaking of the razor wire. Suitable for plants, construction sites, airports and other places.


Razor Wire Mobile Obstacle Barriers / Military Use Concertina Wire: 

Concertina wire or crossed razor wire has two features suitable for military uses. First, it is quick and easy for installation as mobile security barriers. Speed and time is very important in wars or military uses. Only three men are needed to be set up and retrieval of the razor wire obstacles, fences, a saving of human resources.


Second, the razor wire barrier does not rely on any mechanical power, motor, or engines. It forms effective barrier to prevent possible mechanical problems caused by mechanical failure, battery shortage, the electrical failure, or engine failure.


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