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High security welded fencing

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High security welded fencing is produced based on welded wire fence and adopted advanced technology. It is constructed with the specific primary purpose of discouraging people from entering or leaving an area.


High security welded fencing Features and benefits 


Penetration of welded wire is extremely difficult and time-consuming, allowing enough time for security personnel to locate and detain the intruder.


With access control technology widely switching to hands-free technology, the new systems are replacing former slot card readers or radio controlled "clickers," both of which can become jammed. Slot card readers are also easily vandalized.


Carefully planning and designing a security plan is assuring the safety of your property.


The technologies of High security welded fencing mesh


1. This fence adopts consistently being updated, and makes security tighter than ever. Various security systems can use laser, infrared, microwave, or video technologies to scan, detect, and issue alerts upon intrusion.


2. While it makes sense to think of keeping intruders out while designing a security system, it's also just as important to think about how to let qualified people inside.


3. Vibration systems are also being mounted on perimeter fences, sending alerts when there is vibration, cutting, or climbing of the fence. 


4. Access control systems can be as high-tech or low-tech as chosen. New bar-code readers and decal systems are proximity readers that can identify vehicles


The types available of High security welded fencing


Razor ribbon, razor tape, and razor coils with barbed wire and other deterrents are additional choices that can be added on to a perimeter security system, creating an intimidation factor with any would-be trespasser. For high security systems, many fence professionals also recommend utilizing additional fencing and interior partitioning products.