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How to Install Barbed Wire

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Barbed wire - also called barbed wire - is found on fences across the country, from farms used to keep animals in place, to jails trying to keep prisoners in place. If you already have a fence in place and need to add some extra security, installing barbed wire is a good option. You can add as many lengths of the wire as you want, using them as a way to fill in the middle of the posts. This process takes a few hours to do, depending on the length of the fence.




1 Measure from the top of your first fence post down to where you want the first section of barbed wire to sit using a tape measure and make a mark with the pencil. Repeat this measurement on the remaining posts. Put on the gloves. Locate your core post, which is the first post in the line. Tie off the end of the barb wire to the core post using your hands.


2 Insert the four-foot-long pipe through the center of the barb wire roll. Pick up one side of the pole while your assistant picks up the other side. Pull the barb wire roll down the length of the fence, letting the pipe act as a roller for the barb wire. Cut off your barb wire to length using the cutting pliers.


3 Pull the end of the barb wire taught using the claw side of a hammer, then wrap the barb wire around the last fence post, curling it around and wrapping it onto itself at least four times. Walk back to the core post.


4 Loop the wire jack device around the length of the barbed wire near the end of the core post. Tie a chain to the core post, just a touch higher than the mark you made for the line of barb wire. Connect the one-ton come-along to the chain on one end and the wire jack device on the other. Unloop the end of the barb wire from the core post. Pump the come-along until the barb wire looks taut down the entire length of the fence, making sure not to overstretch the wire, as it's not designed to be as tight as the strings on a guitar.


5 Pull the slack out of the section of barb wire between the come along and the wire jack device using the fence pliers, then drive a staple into the core post with a hammer to hold the barb wire onto the core post. Wrap the remaining wire around the post and secure it to itself by wrapping it around with your hands and using another wood staple and the hammer. Remove the come-along.


6 Repeat steps 1-5 for the remaining barb wire lines in your fence. Attach the barb wire to the other fence posts using staples and a hammer.