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How to Use Chicken Wire to Inhibit Erosion

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Chicken wire can be used to inhibit erosion since it gives plants a base to climb, and plants stabilize the soil. Before installing chicken wire as a means of inhibiting erosion, homeowners or businesses should note that without plants, chicken wire is ineffective against erosion. The wire is designed to keep animals out of garden spaces or keep chickens in a designated space. This means that further steps are needed beyond installing the wire before it will work against erosion.




1 Mark the area where erosion occurs and hammer peg stakes in the ground where the fence is to go. Run twine along the stakes to mark the fence line.


2 Measure the length of the area to determine the number of fence posts needed for the project. Space posts a maximum of five feet apart for fence stability. If spacing the posts closer than five feet, keep them far enough apart for aesthetic appeal, such as 4 1/2 feet.


3 Pound the fence posts into the ground along the line of stakes. Pound using a sledge for the fastest results.


4 Open the chicken wire, which is also called hexagonal wire, and attach it to the post. Chicken wire fence posts come with a tack. Pull the fence tight between posts and adjust it as necessary.


5 Plant trailing plants or plants that have long roots against and on the chicken wire fence. The fence supports plants until they are established enough to no longer need the support.