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Install Decorative Stainless Steel Panels

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Stainless steel perforated panel has become a popular choice for walls and backsplashes, especially in kitchens. The clean looking material requires little maintenance and can last a lifetime or until you choose to replace it. Many manufacturers are accommodating customer demands and offering decorative panels of stainless steel. Use the proper installation techniques to ensure the panels will adhere and stay on the wall securely.




1 Apply construction adhesive to the back of the stainless steel panel.


2 Press the panel lightly in place and then gently pull the panel off of the area for a few seconds to get the adhesive tacky and aid in the set up process. Use firm pressure to re-apply the panel.


3 Continue to firmly press to the panel once it is in the proper place on the wall. Rub your palm or hand across the entire panel several times until it feels like it is secure. Add more adhesive and pressure to any areas that don't seem to be holding.


4 Make a temporary brace out of a 2-by-4 wood board, if necessary, to hold the panel in place if it is extra large or you have slow setting adhesive. Masking or blue painter's tape can also be applied to the edges of the panel to hold it until the adhesive sets. Small decorative screws or nails can be used, if desired, along the edges to secure extra large panels; however, construction adhesive usually will hold it in place effectively.


5 Repeat the process on the remaining walls. Measure and make any cuts to areas that need special fitting. Use a table saw with the appropriate stainless steel saw blade. Wear protective goggles to protect eyes and gloves to prevent slicing of hands on sharp edges.