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Install a Hydraulic Filter

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Log splitters use a hydraulic system to perform the splitting work. Using a hydraulic log splitter can help you split a large number of logs in a relatively short time; the machines are particularly useful in colder climates where heat is supplied by wood fireplaces or stoves. A log splitter's hydraulic system uses hydraulic fluid, sometimes called hydraulic oil, that's supplied from a reservoir. The fluid line must be filtered to prevent wood chips and other particles from entering the hydraulic system.

Take the suction hose off the bottom of the hydraulic reservoir. The hydraulic reservoir is found at the end of the line that runs from the hydraulic arm on the splitter.

Unthread the inlet filter and discard it if the splitter has been used for 50 hours since the filter was last replaced. Clean it with penetrating oil if the filter is younger than 50 hours.

Install the new or cleaned filter by re-threading the filter onto the hose and reservoir inlet.