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Install a Wall of Perforated Hardboard

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Perforated hardboard, sometimes called pegboard, is a piece of hardboard with holes punched in rows and columns. Installed on a wall, perforate panel accepts various hooks and hangers that turn the board into storage for hanging tools, containers and supplies. Making a pegboard wall requires a few tools and a little time. Mounting boards hold the pegboard off the wall so the hooks and hangers will fit into the holes and the hardboard fastens to the half studs with screws. The finished result makes workshop or storage organization easy and attractive.



1 Place the stud finder against the wall, depress the find button and slide it left and right in the area you want to hang the pegboard. Mark the location of each stud with a pencil.


2 Measure the height of the perforated plate with the tape measure. Measure the 1-by-2 lumber to the same height, mark it and then cut it with the saw. You need one piece of 1-by-2 for every other stud behind the pegboard or about every 32 inches.


3 Measure up from the floor to the desired height of the pegboard and make a mark on the wall. Hold the level with the top edge aligned with the mark and center the bubble. Use the top edge of the level as a guide to draw a level line on the wall across the space for the pegboard.


4 Place a 1-by-2 over a stud with the bottom end aligned with the level line. Hold the level along side the stud and center the bubble to make it plumb. Drill a 3/32-inch pilot hole through the 1-by-2 and into the wall stud every 16 inches. Screw the 1-by-2 to the wall using the 2 1/2-inch wood screws. Mount all the 1-by-2s in this manner.


5 Hold the pegboard against the 1-by-2 pieces screwed to the wall with the bottom edge aligned with the 1-by-2 bottoms and the sides aligned with the 1-by-2 edges. Screw the pegboard to the 1-by-2s using the 3/4-inch wood screws.