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Perforated Metal applied in Sentry Security Systems

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Wuzhou Kingda, which is a full-service fabricator that helps its customers create custom perforated metal solutions in a variety of industries, has announced the release of its Sentry Security Ceiling Systems. The Sentry Security Ceiling Systems are designed to preventing unauthorized access to the plenum while concealing and protect plumbing, electrical, and HVAC facilities. Wuzhou Kingda's team inspects each step of the production process to ensure that each piece meets their high standards. Sentry Security Ceiling Systems are all steel perforated sheets, which reduces maintenance and replacement costs over the life of the building, and they can be filled with poly-wrapped fiberglass acoustical blanket to meet your specific sound absorption requirements.


Wuzhou Kingda's Sentry Security Ceiling Systems provide a physical security barrier and are ideal for:

Correctional facilities, such as jails, prisons, and detention centers

• Healthcare facilities, including psychiatric and juvenile wards and other secure areas

• Lobbies, corridors, and other non-accessible areas

• Holding and visiting areas

• Judicial facilities and courthouses


Sentry Panel Ceilings, which are designed for minimum and medium security corrections facilities, are constructed of standard 1' x 2', 1' x 4', 2' x 2', or 2' x 4' metal punched panels, which are available perforated or solid, in 18 and 20 gauge steel or .040 aluminum. They have concealed locking and install on a heavy-duty Accurate suspension grid system. They feature a unique audible-click to ensure that the panel is sealed correctly and that it is properly seated.


Sentry Plank Ceilings, which are designed for medium to maximum security environments, are constructed of 1' x 10', 1.5' x 10, or 2' x 10' overlapping metal planks, which ensures a flush, tamper-proof system. They are available perforated plates or solid sheets in 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20 gauge steel or .040 aluminum. They are installed on a heavy-duty perimeter wall channel to increase durability.