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Popular tool with camping

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Popular tool with camping

Barbecue grill net, or barbecue wire mesh is a kind of welded or woven netting made of stainless steel wire, low carbon 

steel wire, copper wire with chrome or zinc-plated surface. Barbecue grill netting is featured with heat-resistance, rust 

resistance and non-toxic widely used for roasting meat, wheaten food, fish in barbecue camping, restaurants, military, 

traveling and so on, especially very popular with camping.


WUZHOU KINGDA's barbecue grill net has sturdy welded or woven structure without distortion. All  our material is 

stainless steel with polishing finishing which makes the net corrosion and rust resistant. The heat resistant up to 260 

degree F. to 500 degree F. and is nonpoisonous and tasteless. Non stick surface enables food easily to be removed 

without sticking. There various shapes including round, rectangular, square, flat, convex, fish-shaped with or without 

handles for your choosing in our stock. And we also can design and produce them totally as your requests or blueprints.


Barbecue grill net is mostly used in roasting of meat, fish, and wheat flour food on barbecue grills. And it's also applied 

for barbecuing, steaming and smoking of pasta, meat, fish and so on.

Barbecue grill net is widely used in restaurant, barbecue shop, picnic, encampment, tour places. Grilling, searing, 

smoking, or steaming, we have grills that can do it all! We will show you how your grill works, and we offer free 

assambly, free local delivery, and free removal of your existing grill.