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The details about the cooling rack

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We WUZHOUKINGDA are specializing in producing so many kinds of racks, such as barbecue rack, cooking rack and cooling rack. The racks we produced have very good and high quality. There are some introductions about our cooling racks. 


The material is very important for a cooling rack and other tools and equipments used for foods. The materials of our cooling rack can be iron wire and stainless steel wire. The stainless steel also has stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316 and stainless steel 304L. The surface treatment can be powder coating and polishing. The color coated can be chosen by you. And the polishing methods make the cooling racks look bright. There are also wooden cooling racks or chrome-plated racks. But actually a wire cooking rack is your best choice because it is non-stick.


We can produce the cooling rack as the size you want. The foods you want to bake determined the size of the cooling rack. if you want to bake biscuit, the size of the cooling rack can be small. And if you want the cooling rack to sit in a pan, you should take the measurements before purchasing the rack.