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The introduction about Razor Wire Fence

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Razor barbed wire fencing and razor wire concertina makes the majority of our products. Razor barbed wire fencing is usually made of galvanized steel blade or stainless steel blade. Two pieces of stainless steel razor wire or zinc-coated razor wire can be bounded together by clips to make it stronger. The spiral intersecting barbed wire presents an intersecting shape after opening with beautiful outlook and practical property.


In order to install a razor concertina fencing needs razor barbed wire and other items. There is a fencing example:

1) Concertina Barbed Wire: 750mm Diameter

2) Barbed Wire

3) Fabric: 3.76/4.88mm, 3m high, mesh 50mm × 50mm coated.

4) Brace Rail Pipe; 89.9mm, 4m high length coated epoxy green.

5) Line post: hollow section 100 × 100 × 4 × 3000mm with base Plate and top Cover (post cap) coated.

6) Double arm 50 × 50 × 5mm each 500mm long with 6 notches (epoxy angle plated).

7) Tie Wire: 2.5mm/3.76 PVC Coated.

8) Base Plate 300 × 300 × 6mm with Epoxy Paint Finish.

9) Slats


There are many kinds of Razor Wires with high quality in our company WUZHOUKINGDA. The size also can be made according to your requirements. Welcome consult!