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The technical data of perforated sheet

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Perforated materials: very versatile, from lightweight decorative elements to load-bearing structural components, perforated sheet offers unique opportunities to combine strength, functionality and beauty.


Staggered Pattern: Holes are aligned in staggered or nested orientation. A staggered perforation pattern can provide the highest open area.


Straight Pattern: Perforated holes are aligned in straight rows and columns.


Unfinished Ends: The end perforation pattern is not solid and appears rough and incomplete at the end of the sheet.


Margins: Area on the side, ends, or inside the perforated sheet without perforations


Safe Side Margins: This type of margin is achieved by perforating the material all the way up to the edge but not on or over the edge


Hole Size: Diameter measurement of the perforation shape; measurement from side to side


Finished Ends: The end perforation pattern is solid and appears uniform or complete at the end of the sheet


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