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Welded Wire Fence

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Welded wire fence is made by welded wire panel. It is a complete welded wire fencing system, which be able to enhance every architectural style. The wire can be attached to existing fencing or installed independently with posts.


Welded wire fence includes panels, posts, steel brackets, gates and other accessories, all galvanized and powder coated and available.  PVC coated and galvanized hardware cloth is suitable for making wire cages, enclosures and traps. The PVC coating on welded wire can last many years longer than an uncoated wire, and the coating color black or green meets strict standards. We have it available in various widths, heights and colors including black and green.


Galvanized welded panel: galvanized prior to welding, which provides a smooth finish to the wire surface. Zinc is commonly used to cover steel wire to protect from rusting. Zinc coatings are measured in ounces of zinc per square foot of wire. The more zinc per foot, the more years of wire use before rusting starts. Steel wire longevity depends on the type and thickness of protective zinc coating around the wire. The galvanized wire is welded together to the proper size and then PVC coated, that makes PVC welded wire fence panel.


Features of Welded wire fencing: "V" braces for extra strength, Easy to install, long lasting, Blends with the landscape, Price competitive and long working life.


Welded wire fence is widely used for residential, industrial, commercial, schools and universities and community area applications. It is also used as road side fence, sport fence, garden fence and temporary Fence.