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What is the expanded metal grating

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Expanded metal grating is for an economical solution for lighter traffic ramps, walkways, treads or other types of structural applications. The open diamond truss configuration is a much heavier gauge than regular expanded metal and provides sure footing. With expanded grating, the width of the sheet is parallel to the short way of the diamond opening, the length is parallel to the long way of the diamond opening. 


Grating is heavy duty expanded metal produced from carbon steel sheet and plate which contains no joints or welds, as each sheet is a single piece of sturdy steel. Lightweight and economical, expanded metal grating is ideal for use wherever a strong, durable, lightweight surface is needed. It is the standard product specified by engineers for use in catwalks, ramps, stairs, platforms, heavy duty shelving, truck-cab safety screens, ship and off-shore rig flooring and in partitions where high security is important. 


The high percentage of open area, characteristic of expanded metal grating, allows snow, water and oil to drain off easily, thus maintaining the excellent slip resistant surface. The same high percentage of open area also allows excellent passage of heat and light, and contributes to walkway cleanliness. Where building maintenance and safety are important considerations, these features are outstanding. Expanded metal gratings are specifically and economically designed for light to moderate load bearing applications. If you still have more interests about the expaned metal grating, welcom WUZHOUKINGDA, there are more styles which can meet your various demands.