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Window Screen Crafts

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Using found objects like window screens in crafts can be rewarding and cost effective, and there are many different window screen crafts to make. Because window screens are made from very fine wire mesh, they make very durable craft projects.


Jewelry Displays

One easy craft that can be made with a window screen is a jewelry display because earring hooks slide easily through the holes in the window screen. You should either buy or make a small frame, and staple window screen to the back of the frame. You can paint and decorate the frame and the screen with spray paint, and then hang the jewelry display using a ribbon or a traditional metal frame hanger.


Beading Window Screens

Window screens can be cut into shapes and then beaded in a pattern to create Christmas ornaments. You could also cut window screens into leaf patterns and bead to make shimmering fall leaves. Beaded window screens can also be placed on cards or scrapbooks for interesting paper crafts.


Stitching on Window Screens

Since window screens are made of tight wire mesh and can be used like cross-stitch mesh. Window screen mesh is very fine, so you should use thin yarn or thread. You can spray paint the window screen a base color before stitching.


Making Paper

One of the most common window screen crafts is making paper. To make paper, pour liquid paper pulp through a window screen in a frame, spread the pulp evenly and allow the pulp to dry.