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Wire Baskets

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Making baskets is a tradition that stretches back thousands of years. Baskets were the first shopping bags and carried almost everything. The materials to make baskets varied according to what was available, such as vines, grasses or rattan. Continue the tradition of making baskets by using materials from everyday life, such as wire. Its flexibility make it easy to work with, and yet it is durable as well.
Cut two telephone wires into 6-foot lengths. Wire cutters work well for this application. Twist the two wires together so they form a double strand.

Twist the ends of the telephone together to create a circle. As this circle will be the top of the basket; decide how large you would like the diameter of your basket and make the circle this size.

Place two telephone wires on the work table and cross them. Add more wires to the two crossed ones until you have something that resembles the spokes of a wheel. These will be the ribs of the basket. It is up to you how many of these wires you wan. Fewer spokes mean a looser weave, while more spokes means a tighter and firmer weave.

Take another wire and weave it around the ribs, going under the first wire and over the second until all of the ribs are locked in place.

Continue weaving the wire around the ribs, creating the sides of the basket. If you reach the end of one of the wires and wish to add another, twist the end of the new wire around the end of the old wire, keeping the ends inside the basket and out of sight. Continue weaving with the new strand.

Shape the sides of the basket by bending the ribs upward. Continue weaving the sides of the basket until you reach the height you want.

Wind the ribs of the basket around the twisted circle of wires made in Step One. Tuck the ends of the ribs inside the basket and clip any excess with wire cutters.