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Wire Mesh Baskets as Alternative To the Floor Display

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From clear plastic fish bowls and colored acrylic containers to rotating bucket racks and traditional convenience store shelves, there are numerous kinds of floor display fixtures available to store and business owners. The floor display rack you choose for your store and business depends largely on the merchandise you want to display, where you want to position your display, and which kinds of display fixtures will work best with the space and merchandise as well as, frankly, your personal tastes.

It’s true that these common kinds of floor display fixtures and accessories are great ways to showcase your merchandise, but sometimes a storeowner wants to spice things up a bit with a new kind of fixture. Wire mesh baskets displays, made from sturdy materials designed to hold some of your store’s heaviest merchandise (as long as it’s small enough to fit in the baskets!) are excellent alternatives to traditional floor display fixtures.

What Kinds of  Wire Mesh Baskets Displays Are Available?
There are two main kinds of wire mesh basket displays: Those that have the baskets fixed to grids, called grid display fixtures, and those that have circular baskets that circle around a center rod, called rotating basket displays.

Grid display fixtures are fantastic tools for creating displays throughout your store or business. Whether you want to use the fixture as a POP mesh display, situating the merchandise directly in front of your customers as they’re checking out, or at the end of an aisle in your store, grid display fixtures perform the job well. You can find grid display fixtures with eight or twelve Wire Mesh Baskets designed to attach to the grid, and depending on the model you choose, the grid might be slanted to make the best use of your display space or the Wire Mesh Baskets themselves might hang at an angle to allow your customers easier access to the merchandise.

Like grid display fixtures, rotating  basket  displays are ideal for both POP merchandise displays as well as displays anywhere else on your store’s floor.

Unlike grid display fixtures, however, rotating  basket  displays include circular wire mesh baskets attached to a center rod with wheels that allow the customers to rotate the racks and get better views of the merchandise all around. Some rotating basket  displays also include dividers in the baskets that help you organize your merchandise.

Where Should You Situate Your Wire Mesh Baskets Displays?
Where you situate your  Wire Mesh Baskets display depends on the kind of store or business you manage as well as the kinds of merchandise you want to display.

Impulse items – like small children’s toys, bags of candy, or convenience items – work well in your store’s POP area. You might also want to position your wire basket displays at the ends of aisles in your store, to showcase merchandise similar to that which the aisle holds, or, if there’s enough room, you might even want to situate a display in the middle of the aisle (rotating basket displays work best for this as grid display fixtures generally only display merchandise on one side).

What Merchandise Works Best With Wire Mesh Baskets?
Any kind you want!

You might want to keep the merchandise similar to what’s already included in nearby displays, or you might want to save the space strictly for POP impulse merchandise. It’s entirely up to you. The only real rule of thumb is that you choose merchandise that is both the right size and weight for the  basket . Once you do that, the sky’s the limit!