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Technical Information of Stainless steel Wire Mesh

Technical Information of Stainless steel Wire Mesh

*  What is the stainless steel material your company usually uses?
We mainly use SS304, SS304L,  SA316, SS316L, also SS410, SS4101 and SS430 sometimes as the raw materials of stainless steel wire mesh.


*  What is your standard of wire checking?
We check the wire according to the national standard (GB5330-85) and our enterprise regulation about raw material defects and relative solution.


*  What is your standard of checking finished products?
We check quality of end products according to China National Standard GB/T17492-1998, equivalent ISO9044:1990, and our own standard.


*  What is the major checking items of stainless steel wire mesh?
First, we check the basic data: wire diameter, mesh counts, roll width and roll length.
Secondly, the surface condition: opening, color, flat or not and defects.
Thirdly, the edge of wire mesh should be neat and without defects.


*  What is the general packing requirement?
Stainless steel wire mesh is rolled around paper tube first, moisture-proof paper outside or plastic fabrics. Customized packing available.