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About Bronze Wire Cloth

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The word gauze traditionally describes Bronze Wire Cloth with a loose weave made of silk or cotton. The translucency and thin, open weave makes it useful as a window covering that filters light; as a fabric for loose, airy, comfortable clothing; as a bandage allowing air to filter through, or as a filtering device for liquids.


Bronze Wire mesh, depending on its gauge (size) of wire, can perform in much the same manner as its cotton or silk siblings. From industrial uses to fashion statements, wire gauze has many uses. 

The term wire gauze has been interpreted in many ways. Depending on the gauge or thickness of the wire used, Bronze Wire Cloth can be called wire netting, wire mesh, woven wire mesh, metal mesh, screen cloth, wire fabric, shade screen, mesh-work, wire knitting, knitted mesh or filter screen. These names reference the weaving type and size of the wire gauze.


Bronze Wire mesh Cloth is most often used as filter mesh to strain or filter liquids and solids, such as soil, or as a protective element. Wire gauze is found in appliances, distilleries, scientific laboratories, plumbing products, automotive products, air filters and many other industries.


Data transfer, fashion textiles, protective clothing and yarn applications can also use wire gauze. Wire gauze has a diameter that can be measured in inches or millimeters, with the diameter varying according to the use of the gauze.


Bronze Wire Cloth patterns are as varied as the uses for wire gauze. Knitted wire gauze is created in a circular pattern that looks like a tube sock. A woven wire gauze can be created in a loose or tight pattern. Tightly woven products are usually much less forgiving and stay stiff. Wire gauze textile patterns are usually created per customer order.


Some pattern names are plain dutch weave, twilled dutch double weave, twilled weave and the standard square mesh.


The metal used in Bronze Wire Cloth must have the ability to be drawn into thin strands. This quality is referred to as ductile. Not all metals have this ability, but those that do include platinum, iron, copper, silver, gold and aluminum.


Alloys of these metals can include brass and bronze. Wire to be used in a wide range of temperatures may be a combination of copper plated with tin, nickel or silver.


Depending on the application the Bronze Wire Cloth is used for, the mesh may need to retain its original pattern. Unnecessary stretching or distorting of the mesh may prevent it from being used further. There are several ways to prevent this distortion. Refrain from rubbing or scrubbing the gauze. Instead, use an ultrasonic bath, or gently tap the sieve or other device against another surface. Gentle brushing with a soft brush will also work. Drying after an ultrasonic bath should be done via an oven or dryer. Rubbing the wire gauze to dry it will distort the mesh.

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