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Can the Aluminum Foil Instead of a Grill Basket?

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Can the Aluminum Foil Instead of a Grill Basket?

Firing up the grill for dinner is a natural occurrence during the summer. Backyard grill masters serve up hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks and seafood with those familiar grill mark stripes. Unfortunately, not all foods cook well on the open grate of the barbecue grill. Fruits and vegetables often fall through the wide spaces, and delicate fish tends to stick. A grill basket keeps these foods safe while they're grilling. In some cases, aluminum foil can be an inexpensive and handy substitute for a grill basket.

Grill Basket
Grill baskets are available in many styles and sizes, but the main purpose of the grill basket remains the same: to prevent the food from falling through the grates and into the fire. A grill basket can look like a metal bowl or wok with holes all around or a like a wire mesh basket with either one or two handles. A metal contraption with two wire mesh panels hinged together and a long handle is also called a grill basket. Grill baskets are usually available anywhere that grills are sold.

Basket Uses
The grill basket that resembles a bowl with holes or a colander is usually used for grilling vegetables. The vegetables in the basket cannot fall through the grates, and the bowl design makes stirring or tossing the vegetables over the fire easier. The two-sided hinged basket can be used for fish, seafood and larger pieces of fruits and vegetables such as pineapple rings or eggplant slices. The food is trapped in the wire mesh, preventing it from sticking to the grate. The long handle makes flipping the food over the fire easier.

Aluminum Foil
Aluminum foil
has many uses on the grill, and you may be able to use it instead of a grill basket. Food wrapped in foil won't fall through or stick to the grate. However, because the aluminum foil completely blocks the food from the fire, the food lacks charcoal flavor. Poking holes in the foil does help improve the flavor, but the holes also weaken the foil and promote tearing. Only use heavy-duty aluminum foil when grilling.

Another technique for grilling small pieces of fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood is building and grilling kabobs. The bits of food are slid onto a grill-safe stick or skewer, brushed with marinade, oil or spices, if desired, and laid over the fire directly on the grilling grate. The food turns easily on the skewer and stays out of the fire.