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Concertina wires stand guard for trash point in City

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Srinagar, Sep 9: For a place where security agencies are obsessed with concertina wires, in this historic City, even dustbins are “guarded” by the razor wires.

A pair of plastic dustbins installed by the Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) on the plush TRC road are often under the protection of concertina wires as if they are under threat.

Is it some “security measure” to keep trash away from the bin or stray dogs from the trash, or simply to prevent the use of bins by public, only authorities can reply such queries.

But for now, these “security reasons” surrounding the dustbins near the tourist hub of Dalgate, are feared to trigger inevitable littering at a place where cleanliness is required most lest it brings disrepute for the tourism sector.

The metallic helical wires have been a part of the City like elsewhere Kashmir for the past several years for “security reasons”. While at places the razor wires have eaten away considerable portion of roads to provide cover to strategically important installations including bunkers and buildings, elsewhere they are even used as a sign for traffic diversions.

But everywhere along congested City roads, their thorn-like presence poses threat to life of people who have no options but to walk close to the helical structures sharp enough to give a fine deep cut in human flesh.

Last month, a nine-year-old girl Muskaan of Wazir Bagh lost her smile to 12 stitches in her head, when chased by stray dogs as she fell in the concertina wire guarding a security installation in her residential colony.

Nine-year-old wounded Muskan is not an exception. People including young and old often fall prey to the concertina wires. Only the alarming population of stray dogs, proposed to be rehabilitated at state-of-the-art pounds, outside the City may enjoy a razor wire free movement. But humans will have to bear.

Somewhere the messy wires are courtesy of Jammu and Kashmir Police, somewhere of the paramilitary forces including the Central Reserve Police Force and somewhere the army. 

But police or other security forces are yet to confirm as to who is guarding the dustbins with concertina wires, which are awaiting their prey. This raises question mark on the much-hyped Clean Srinagar-Green Srinagar slogan of the SMC. Albeit who cares?