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Crochet Wire Mesh

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Wire is a fine malleable medium that works well when crocheting mesh items to give a metallic sparkle to home decor. Make decorative wire mesh art pieces, curtains, lamp shade embellishments, drapery tie backs and storage bags for home decor. Adapt to crocheting with wire by using a lightweight wire that is sturdy enough to be worked with a metal crochet hook. A 24- or 26-gauge wire is a wise choice with a G crochet hook. Mesh crochet is a series of spaces and double crochet stitches. It will take a few attempts to master crochet wire mesh.

Make a row of 30 chain stitches with wire and the crochet hook. Let yourself get used to the foreign feel of working with wire rather than fiber. Go slowly to keep the chain stitches even in proportion to one another.

Make a double crochet in the eighth chain stitch from the hook. This counts as a double crochet and a chain-two space. If the wire gets a kink in it, slowly smooth it out using flat nose pliers.

Make two chain stitches and skip over two stitches in the foundation chain.

Stitch a double crochet in the third chain stitch from the first double crochet stitch creating the second square in the mesh pattern.

Crochet two stitches and skip the next two stitches in the foundation chain to make one double crochet. Continue creating this pattern until you make the final double crochet in the last foundation chain stitch.

Crochet five chain stitches and make a double crochet in the top of the first double crochet stitch in the first row of wire mesh. Continue creating the mesh pattern down the length of the second row.

Crochet a band or block with the mesh pattern until you are comfortable with the process. Slip stitch in the last stitch of the final row.

Cut the wire with angled wire cutters leaving a short end piece. Bend the wire end back over the final double crochet post with needle nose pliers and pinch it in place to secure it.