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Decoration Ideas for wire baskets

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The basket -- once only a utilitarian vessel -- is a piece of home decor that can be both ornamental and practical. Baskets both large and small are made of wire, plastic and natural materials such as grass, jute, wood, hemp, grapevines and bamboo. They come in different shapes and sizes, sometimes to reflect their original purpose.

Wire Baskets
Wire baskets
are both practical and aesthetically interesting.
Clam baskets are made of wire and feature slats that are just wide enough apart to allow large clams to stay in the basket while smaller ones -- the ones that are illegal to pick in some states -- to slip through. They are a practical and often-used tool in some parts of the country. If clamming isn't your thing, use one of these sturdy wire baskets to store magazines, newspapers or dog toys to give your room a rustic, coastal flair. Do not place clam baskets on a patio or surface where water might cause the basket to rust.

Egg baskets are another practical piece that can be displayed or used for things other than gathering loot from a chicken coop. They are lightweight -- hang one on a hook near the door to toss notes, keys or receipts inside.

Small and Medium-Sized Baskets
Serve food in baskets to your family and guests.
Place small baskets throughout the house. Brightly colored baskets or baskets with an unusual shape might be able to stand alone as an interesting piece of home decor, but most baskets will be more interesting if they contain something. Small baskets on a coffee table can hold coasters or collections of vintage dice, seashells, photographs or stones. Place dried flowers or silk plants inside a small basket sitting on a high shelf or fireplace mantel. A tightly woven basket atop a dresser or nightstand can hold coins and jewelry.

Fill a medium-sized basket with hand towels, lotion and bath salts and place it on the counter or back of the toilet in a guest bathroom. Your visitors will appreciate the decorative, personal touch. Baskets can be part of your dining table decor, too. Fill one with sliced bread, rolls or fruit and serve to your guests.