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Mesh Fabric Projects

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Mesh fabric is a useful craft medium for many types of craft projects and activities. Mesh fabric is breathable and has a delicate, feminine appearance. There are many ways that you can use mesh fabric in your craft and decor designs. Explore some of the ideas for the use of the versatile fabric for your next project.


Potpourri Jar

Create a decorative potpourri holder that will keep your potpourri contained while allowing you to enjoy the full strength of the scent it provides. Fill any size jar with dry potpourri in the scent of your choice. Add a few cinnamon sticks or cloves to add even more fragrance to the jar. Cut a square of mesh fabric that is large enough to cover the jar. Place the mesh square over the jar and secure it with a rubber band. Tie a ribbon around to cover the rubber band.


Earring Holder

Make a decorative and useful earring organizer with mesh fabric to use in your bedroom or bathroom. Remove the backing and glass from a wooden photo frame and cut a piece of mesh fabric to fit the frame. Attach the mesh into the frame with a thick bead of hot glue all around the edges of the frame. Use a pencil or a craft stick to smooth the edges of the mesh fabric over the bead of glue. Hang the frame as you normally would, but do not replace the backing or glass. Insert your earrings into the holes in the mesh fabric.



Add some delicate and decorative touches to your scrapbook pages with mesh fabric. Layer squares or other shapes of the mesh fabric under photos and other embellishments. Create small "bunch" style satchels to display small items on your scrapbook page without applying glue directly to the object. Simply place small items (like jewelry or other keepsakes) into the center of a square of mesh fabric and pull all the edges together around the items. Tie the fabric together with a ribbon and staple or glue the ribbon to the scrapbook page.