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Perforated metal for decoration

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Perforated metal can be used for filtering, separation, protection, soundproofing and decoration, washing and drying. So it is widely used in the chemical, food, mining and car industries as well as by sugar refineries, quarries, cements factories and construction sites, and so on.


We offer a wide range of perforated sheets including: stainless steel perforated metal, aluminum perforated panel, perforated tubes, galvanized perforated metal screen, and carbon steel perforated sheets, perforated plastic and perforated copper. We also offer all types of decorative perforated panels with square hole, round hole, slotted-rounded ends and hexagonal pattern with either a square, round or staggered pitch. These sheets are available in different hole shapes, pitch, materials, sizes and sheet thickness.


Perforated panel is designed that can add stunning good looks.

The panels can be finished in a variety of ways including powder coating and edge trimmed with various sections, including finished in a wide variety of colors.

Beside, Mild steel perforated panels have good strength-to-weight ratio, wide range of open area percentages and accurate hole sizes.


Perforating metal is an essential operation. WUZHOUKINGDA is the leader company of perforated metal in the world, welcome consult!