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Security screens the strong protection

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Windows and glass doors are among the most vulnerable access points in a school. Criminals can break glass to climb through or reach in and unlock the entry. The security industry has responded with two solutions to slow down a criminal looking to break into a school building.

A more secure choice for protecting glass is stainless security screens, which provide an almost impenetrable barrier, capable of withstanding attacks by hammers, knives and even assault rifles.

Stainless security screens can stop bullets, resist further cutting, tearing or blunt force attacks making it almost impossible to create an opening large enough to reach through and unlock a door or window.

WUZHOUKINGDA can provide more kinds and various types of stainless security screens. These stainless security screens are slightly more expensive, but that the cost difference shrinks as additional doors and windows are added to a job. 

It’s all about creating a physical barrier that prevents intruders from entering a school long enough for first responders to arrive. Security screens are more difficult to penetrate than window film — especially if the intruder is using a high-powered assault rifle. Screens are also more noticeable than film, allowing them to also act as a deterrent.

If you are interested in these stainless security screen, welcome WUZHOUKINGDA.