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The detailed usage of slotted perforated sheet

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Perforated sheet is widely used in many fields and many kinds of machines. The slotted perforated sheet can perform a lot of different functions, and it is very important to know the applications for your suitable choosing, welcome consult WUZHOUKINGDA!


1. Agriculture equipment

Agricultural industry needs slotted perforated sheet range from grain sorting and drying, through sieves for special application to parts for agricultural machinery. For example: grain dryers, hammer mill screen, combines and more.


2.Decorative patterns.

We make covers, guards, sunscreens, door, wall, and ceiling panels that are beautiful as well as functional. We can execute literally dozens of patterns.


3.Store fixtures & displays.

Our slotted perforated sheet is used in shelving and display racks at places everyone visits every day.


4. Architecture

A building should be convey the right image for the company of its’ owns or rents it, and architecture has turned to perforated metal to achieve this end. We make slotted perforated sheet used for outdoor furniture, exterior and interior cladding, air conditioning systems, suspended ceilings and so on.