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The functions of our wire mesh basket

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We, WUZHOUKINGDA can produce many kinds of stainless steel products. The wire mesh basket is one of the stainless steel products. You can know from this, the stainless steel is our main material.


The stainless steel wire mesh basket produced by our company has large holding capacity and strong strength. Of cause, this feature is related to the wire diameter. The wire mesh basket is resistant to rust, corrosion, acid and alkali. It also can fit for high temperature. It adopts the technology of stamping to stamp molding. The wire at the bottom has a function of consolidation.


The wire mesh basket has a wide application. The large one, which has wider wire, can be used in the architecture, coal factory and other fields to move and transport the stones, coal briquette and other materials. Some little wire mesh basket can be used to hold and wash fruit, vegetable, meats as a food basket. It can also be used in the washing room to hold the dirty clothes. The wire mesh basket can also be applied in the laboratory, hospital and chemical places to make sterilization for medical instruments and chemical vessels.


We can produce the wire mesh basket according to your demands or design it based the using environment. There are many kinds of barbecue racks in our company WUZHOUKINGDA. Welcome consult!