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What is the bulletproof screen

Bulletproof screen has a special woven security door and windows screen, burglarproof, bulletproof, anti-fly and mosquito together, offer high secure and views appreciation. Allowing the cool breezes through your home with clear views. The most popular to Australia,New Zealand market.


Some peoples said SS304-0.9mm is better than SS316-0.8mm stainless steel security screen:

SS 316 woven mesh better corrosion resistive,particular to pitting corrosion than 304 one.

SS304 woven mesh surface pitting or corrosion has potential problem.

SS316-0.8mm woven mesh has ultra high tensile wire after woven.

Even thicker wire can be easily cut if they are soft or low tensile strength


Bulletproof screen is against theft, bulletproof, super resistance to impact, insect and so on. And bulletproof screen has smooth surface, mesh standard, latitude and longitude curve is consistent, its remarkable characteristic is BanShi hard like iron, is against theft, bulletproof, home of choice for workplace safety protection.