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What to Use to Clean Window Screens

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Washing windows is one of the most dreaded of household chores. One of the most forgotten is washing the window screens. Washing window screens can result in better air quality and cleaner windows in the long run. Choosing what cleaners to use to wash your window screens can be the challenging part of this process.



Window screens often get overlooked when cleaning is done. But, screens can, and will, develop a buildup of dirt, dust, pollen, dead bugs and other debris. If you wash your windows but not your screens then you will regret it the first time it rains and all that dirt and grime is washed onto your clean windows. It is also easier to see out a clean screen and air circulation is much better through a clean screen.


Time Frame

It should only be necessary to deep clean your window screens once or twice a year. If you wipe them down in between or use a vacuum to spot clean then it will keep the need for a true washing at bay for a longer time.



Window screens are usually made of aluminum or nylon with an aluminum frame. Wooden frames are also used. It is important to know what type of frames and screens you have as the cleaning solutions may have to be changed to accommodate the materials.



To deep clean your window screens you should use a water hose with a spray attachment, a soft scrub brush and some form of cleaner. The cleaner you use can vary. Some people prefer to use a commercial cleaner such as Greased Lightning or 409. Others will use a mixture of ammonia and water. If you prefer to use a cleaner that is natural and without chemicals, you can make your own all purpose cleaner or buy a commercial organic cleaner. Plain dish washing soap mixed with water works just as well as most other cleaners.



Be careful when scrubbing the screens as you do not wish to tear them or push them out of shape. Also, check the labels of any commercially made chemical cleaners to ensure that they can be used on window screens.