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Wire cooling racks choosing tips

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Stackable or tiered cooling racks are available. Their utility to you depends on how much space you have or need to save, as well as how much you bake at any one time.

Wire cooling racks are also known as wire baking racks. Either term is fine and interchangeable.

If you're baking up a storm for fundraising, you must need a wire cooling rack. First, it's likely you'll need them as the food keeps coming out of the oven for cooling in large batches, and second, you don't want to end up owning lots of these racks!
Wire cooling racks are also excellent as:
A place to rest hot saucepans and dishes while transferring them from the oven to table, etc.
A place to drain wet produce such as washed vegetables as they air dry
A place to leave iced cookies to dry.

Also some wire cooling racks are designed like a shelf, to hold the entire pan. These are fairly specialized, so you should know why you want one before investing in it. Remember that every unused piece of kitchen equipment takes up valuable space!

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