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Lab Metal shelf

Lab Metal shelf
Lab Metal shelf
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Lab Metal shelf, Lab Metal commodity shelf,

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Detail information:
Material of Lab Metal shelf:
Material:low carbon steel wire Q195, L08,iron wire,etc
Specifications of Lab Metal shelf:
Znic Coat:8g/m2-12g/m2
T/S: 350N/mm2-450N/mm2
Feature of Lab Metal shelf:
galvanized iron wire can be classified into hot-dipped galvanized iron wire and electro galvanized wire according to the differences of processing.
Sizes of hot-dipped galvanized wire: 8#  to 36#(wire diameter ranging from 3.8mm to 0.19mm)
Sizes of electro galvanized wire: 8# to 38# (wire diameter ranging from 3.8mm to 0.15mm)
Applications o Lab Metal shelf:
It is mainly used in making nail, construction, communication equipment, medical treatment instrument, express way fencing, binding of flowers, brush, wire mesh weaving, wire redrawing, sieving mesh, craftwork, etc.
Packing of Lab Metal shelf:
1 In Coil weighted 10-800kgs or as per length wrapped with wax paper or connected with PVC tape, then put into jute bag.
2 Wind around the wooden or plastic spool.
3 Into 0.5-10lbs coils, then put into carton.
4 Cut into straight lines according to requirement, then bundle up and put into carton
5 Wind it around square wooden stick, then put into carton on the tray.
or according to the requirement of custoemers.
The package able to according to customers requirement.
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