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Stainless steel oil filter

Stainless steel oil filter
Stainless steel oil filter
  • Category:Deep processing Products
  • Material:stainless steel mesh
  • Properties:high contamination retention capacity
  • Application:used with conventional and synthetic oils

Stainless steel oil filter,oil filter,

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Stainless steel oil filter
The specifications of Stainless steel oil filter
1. The materials of Stainless steel oil filter: stainless steel mesh
2. Standard filtration ratings: 3μm, 5μm, 10μm, and 20μm absolute
3. Pressure: 30-210bar
4. Packing: poly bag and cartons
The features of Stainless steel oil filter
1. Stainless steel oil filter is high performance oil filter for increased flow while offering superior filtration.
2. Stainless steel oil filter is constructed of quality stainless steel micron filter cloth.
3. Stainless steel oil filter is cleanable and reusable.
4. Stainless steel oil filter is consistent high flow under all temperature conditions.
5. Stainless steel oil filter has high contamination retention capacity
6. Stainless steel oil filter has disposable elements and cleanable elements
7. Stainless steel oil filter can flow direction from out to in to maximize stability.
8. Stainless steel oil filter has excellent flow fatigue stability due to solid filter material support.
The applications of Stainless steel oil filter
1. Stainless steel oil filter is used for metallurgy, petrifaction, spinning, electron & pharmacy, power generation & nuclear power, machining equipment, train internal combustion engine& generator, auto engine & engineering machinery and so on.
2. Stainless steel oil filter is used for hydraulic and lubrication system oil filter, to filter out pollutants in the system, guarantee the normal operation of the system.
3. Stainless steel oil filter may be used with conventional and synthetic oils.

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