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Decorative metal screening

Decorative metal screening
Decorative metal screening
  • Category:Perforated Metal Mesh
  • Material:Aluminum/ Stainless Steel/Brass
  • Properties:a highly integrated quality space for you
  • Application:railings / balcony guardrail / stair rail / porch guardrail

Decorative metal screening,perforated screen,

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Decorative metal screening
The specifications of Decorative metal screening
1. The materials of Decorative metal screening: Aluminum/ Stainless Steel/Brass
2. Design: Customized
3. Surface: silver / bronze / rose gold
4. Packing: normal export package
The features of Decorative metal screening
1. With a unique design concept, Decorative metal screening creates a highly integrated quality space for you.
2. Decorative metal screening‘s intoxicating beauty outpouring casually has become the most beautiful scenery.
3. Decorative metal screening has design innovation and high quality.
4. Decorative metal screening performs different functions in a building, ranging from the common place to the spectacular—and often doing both.
The applications of Decorative metal screening
1. Decorative metal screening is used as railings / balcony guardrail / stair rail / porch guardrail.
2. Decorative metal screening is featured with classic, decorative and elegant patterns, which are anti-corrosion. For this reason, they are widely used in hotels, restaurants, offices, apartments, residences and recreational occasions.
3. Decorative metal screening is mainly used a luxury indoor decoration, Elevator decoration, Hotel lobby, Rotary door, Walk way, Flooring, Furniture, Advertising billboard, Architectural decoration, Outdoor works, Ceiling and cabinets, Aisle panels, Screen, Tunnel project, Guest houses, Entertainment place, Kitchen equipment, Light industrial, Indoor & outdoor decoration etc.

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