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Stainless steel punched metal mesh

Stainless steel punched metal mesh
Stainless steel punched metal mesh
  • Category:Perforated Metal Mesh
  • Material:stainless steel plate
  • Properties:bend-resisting, aging-resisting, not easily to rust
  • Application:Insulating the sound in the municipal facilities

stainless steel punched metal mesh,punched metal mesh,

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Material: stainless steel plate
Surface treatment: electro polishing
Hole: 1 to 20mm
Thickness: 0.5-2mm
Open rate: 20% to 50%
Sheet size: 1m x 2m, 0.915m x 2.44m (3 'x 8'), 1.22m x 2.44m (4 'x 8'), 0.915m x 3.05m (3 'x 10'), 1.22m x 3.05m (4 'x 10').
The characteristics are bend-resisting, aging-resisting, not easily to rust, wide uses. The surface is plain, smooth and practical.
Insulating the sound in the municipal facilities, such as highway and railroad, the material of the ceiling and wall to abs or the sound, good shelves in the market, decorative exhibiting and selling platform, ventilate of grain depot.
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