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Architectural Welded Grilles

Architectural Welded Grilles
Architectural Welded Grilles
  • Category:Welded Wire Mesh
  • Material:stainless steel wire 304, 316 and so on
  • Properties:welded mesh
  • Application:Construction,Screen,Industry

Architectural Welded Grills,Welded Grills,welded wire mesh,

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Architectural Welded Grilles
1. Introduction:
The industry’s largest selection of architectural electro-forge welded steel grilles.  Architectural Welded Grilles can be polyester powder coated. Grilles are available in 7 standard mesh styles steel grilles and 2 standard aluminum grilles or can be fabricated to fit your needs. All steel grilles are hot dip galvanized then powder coated.
2. Advantage, particular use and scope of the Architectural Welded Grilles board:
2.1 Save material: save the material most bearing the same load and reduce the material of supporting structure accordingly.
2.2 Reducing investment: save material, manpower, time limit for a project , avoiding cleaning and maintenance.
2.3 Construction simple and convenient: firm with screw on the installation supporting, one person can finish it.
2.4 Save the time limit for a project: the production needn’t machining again in locale and install very rapidly.
2.5 Durable: hot to soak zinc and antiseptic treatment before carrying out of the factory, bear the lash and stress.
2.6 Architectural Welded Grilles Modern style: appearance attractive, design suitable, ventilating, translucent and make human beings easy and smooth feelings.
2.7 Structure light and convenient: use material little, structure light and easy to install.
2.8 Avoid to accumulating dust: no accumulating rain, ice, snow and dust.
2.9 Reduce the wind resistance: the wind resistance small and reducing the wind damage when windy because of good ventilating.
2.10 Design simple and convenient: dispense with the drawing of grille board, only mark specification. The company can design for customers.
2.11 The capability of ventilating, light through a window, sending out the heat, flameproof and slip resistance well.