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Welded stainless steel wire mesh

Welded stainless steel wire mesh
Welded stainless steel wire mesh
  • Category:Welded Wire Mesh
  • Material:stainless steel
  • Properties:welded mesh
  • Application:guards, covers, rodent proofing

Welded stainless steel mesh,welded wire mesh,

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Welded stainless steel wire mesh
1. Material: Welded stainless steel wire mesh is made of high quality stainless steel wire SS304, SS316 and welded by advanced computer-controlled machines. Other material can be galvanized wire, hot dipped galvanized wire, and plastic coated and black wire. Compared with galvanized welded iron wire mesh or PVC coated welded iron wire mesh, it has good features of excellent corrosion resistance, beautiful look, and longer work time.
2. Applications of Welded stainless steel wire mesh:
Uses include guards, covers, rodent proofing, cages, food drying racks, reinforcement, soffit screens, grills, air vents, spark arrestors, insulation containment.