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Welded wire reinforcement

Welded wire reinforcement
Welded wire reinforcement
  • Category:Welded Wire Mesh
  • Material:low carbon steel,steel rod
  • Properties:Wire Mesh
  • Application:reinforcing materials

Weld reinforcement,wire reinforcement,

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Welded wire reinforcement
1. Material: Welded wire reinforcement is usually made of high quality low carbon steel wire, wire rod and steel rebar.
2. Features of Welded wire reinforcement:
2.1 Strengthen the stability of the building;
2.2 Save the usage of the rebar;
2.3 improve the rate of progressing;
2.4 Reduce the cost of the engineering.
3. Usage of Welded wire reinforcement:
They are widely used in industry, agriculture, construction, transport and mining as strength material. Such as machine protection cover, ranch fender, garden fence, window protection fender, passage fender, fowl cage, egg basket, foodstuffs basket, etc.
By enhancing the corrosion resistance properties of the reinforcing materials in the structure, the potential exists to substantially enhance the durability of the concrete structure.

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