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Concrete wire mesh

Concrete wire mesh
Concrete wire mesh
  • Category:Welded Wire Mesh
  • Material:low carbon steel,steel rod
  • Properties:Concrete wire mesh
  • Application:industry, construction, mining

Concrete wire mesh,wire mesh,Concrete mesh,

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Concrete wire mesh
1. Introduction: Concrete wire mesh is made of high quality low carbon steel wire with flat even surface, firm structure. Concrete wire mesh consists of pieces of wire or rebar welded together to form a grid pattern. The end product is level and flat, sturdy structure, and even strength throughout, the netting shows no signs of wear and tear when cutting off a part or under a stress.
2. Advantage of Concrete wire mesh:
Lower the cost of the project;
Speed up the construction progress;
Ensure the quality of the project;
Anti-cracking performance, etc.
3. Application of Concrete wire mesh:
Concrete wire mesh is widely used in industry, construction, mining for protection of structure, safety segregation, keeping of poultry and livestock, and decorations etc. It is used as building material in the construction field.