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Concrete reinforcement welded mesh

Concrete reinforcement welded mesh
Concrete reinforcement welded mesh
  • Category:Welded Wire Mesh
  • Material:Low carbon steel wire, steel wire
  • Properties:welded mesh
  • Application:used in road, civil building and other places

Concrete reinforcement welded mesh,reinforcing mesh,Concrete mesh,

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Concrete reinforcement welded mesh
1. Material:
Concrete reinforcement welded mesh is welded form superior low carbon steel wire and then galvanized and PVC coated. It features smooth surface, uniform mesh, high stability and great corrosion resistance.
-Electro galvanized mesh (welded before galvanized, welded after galvanized)
-Hot-dipped galvanized mesh (welded before galvanized, welded after galvanized)
-PVC coated mesh (wire dia. of PVC is about 0.4mm)
Galvanized welded mesh has a good resistance to corrosion. Zinc coating can reach 200g/m2.
2. Names: slab reinforcing mesh, building mesh, welded mesh panels, concrete reinforcement wire mesh, construction wire mesh, reinforcement strong mesh, reinforcing wire mesh, steel bar mesh, welded wire mesh, welded mesh, ribbed square mesh, wire mesh for construction, wire mesh, concrete reinforcing mesh, construction mesh
3. Features of Concrete reinforcement welded mesh:
3.1The unique deformed wire pattern (curry pattern) offers superior bonding, improved stress distribution and crack-width control
3.2Ferro-Fabric is available in a wide range of diameters and apertures. The products can be bent to shape as required
3.3Manufactured from hard drawn wire (smooth) and cold rolled wire (deformed)
All intersections are resistant-welded thereby not reducing the tensile strength of the wires
3.4 Mesh has average shear strength equal to 80% of the wire strength
3.5The wire used has physical properties which are rigidly controlled to produce mesh with maximum weld strength combined with ductility
3.6The steel specifications allow for cold rolled wire with a minimum ultimate tensile strength of 510Mpa and a high resistance to fatigue
3.7Mesh is available in black (pre-galvanized) and galvanized sheets or rolls
Also available on request: plastic coated and hot dipped (galvanized) mesh
4. Application of Concrete reinforcement welded mesh::
Used in making machine protective cover, live stock fence, plant fence, window fence, poultry cage, egg basket, house food basket, paper basket, etc.
With the reliable quality and economical price, it is common used in the manufacturing, agriculture, breeding, transportation, mining and other industries.